Some kicad plugins for importing Fusion360 DXFs


I’ve added a bunch of plugins to the repo in my github. The code for these was mentioned in a previous post, but I spent some time to “productize” them. Not fully polished, but can be run without writing code.

I plan on doing a more detailed walkthrough of the code behind it all.

2 thoughts on “Some kicad plugins for importing Fusion360 DXFs”

  1. Excellent demonstration of an excellent set of tools! Very clear and concise using a realistic application to demonstrate. Well done!

    As you mention in the video, Windows poses a bit of a problem and I’ve managed to get some of the tools running, but not dfxgrabber or all of utils (via fill) due to the way python is incorporated into the Kicad install. Since it has its own python installation with a not-so-quite standard implementation of pip, I haven’t found a way to install numpy into that instance.

    I did get the tools working on my ubuntu 16.04 system, however, ironically, the recent nightly builds for ubuntu have disabled the Scripting Console due to a version conflict with wxPython (GTK3) on ubuntu 18.
    Thank you again for both the tools and the demo video!

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