Or if you just want to know the pcbnew API used by a pcbnew plugin.
In my github, you’ll find some code that will wrap all of pcbnew’s functions and methods to track the API calls made by a pcbnew plugin. I wrote it primarily to aid the creation of regression tests.
The output is a “journal” file that should repeat/replay a plugin’s actions.
Over the last couple years, some of the APIs have changed, sometimes intentionally, but often unknowingly. Part of the cure is to extend the regressions beyond the two or three tests that are in there now.
Here is a video describing what I did:

I hope it’s helpful. Comments is the preferred way to follow-up by I often don’t notice them for a while. If I don’t reply in a week or two, feel free to yell at me at mail@mmccoo.com

Generating regression type tests for pcbnew python

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